Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hypersonic SQL Database

Hypersonic SQL Database (HSQLDB) is a free database project written in Java, which allows database manipulation in a client-server architecture, or standalone. A great advantage of using HSQLDB is the possibility of aggregating database to our applications package. The database is multi-platform and occupies a small space on disk. Another characteristic of the database is the possibility of manipulating databases in disk, memory or text format. HSQLDB is a very flexible technology and is very useful in constructing applications that manipulate database.

In the core of the distribution package, we can find RDBMS and JDBC driver. They offer the main functionalities of the database, which are: relational database manager and driver to connection through Java applications. Besides, the package contains a set of components and tools for DBMS execution. Using the tools we can create database structures, access databases through query tools, export and import schemes between distinctive databases, etc.

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Blogger Mayuresh said...

On similiar lines is SQL-lite., except that it's written in C. I have seen it used in several embedded applications like linux-based routers and what not. In recent past, the Firefox team has announced that it will be used to store bookmarks in the next version of the browser.

On the other hand, reader may also want to check out Berkley DB which is also available in pure Java.

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Anonymous Sarika Seth said...

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